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For property professionals

900+ cubic feet of storage

in every 10 car spaces

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  • A totally new source of long term, recurring revenue.

  • 3-4 year pay-back.

  • Very low maintenance amenity.

  • No change to existing property footprint / plan.

  • No opportunity cost – no alternative use for air space above cars.

  • Gain a return from dead space around car park / building.

  • Use a portion of the storage income to reduce the price of car spaces (increase uptake).

  • Create new revenue out of the car park from residents who don’t drive.

  • Utilise and gain a return from unused car spaces.

  • A1/A2 fire rated (ULTRA with 60 mins+ protection).

  • Improve car park tidiness, health and safety.

  • More space-efficient than storage cages – with more flexibility.

  • Service innovation, market leadership.

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  • Increase the market appeal of new apartments by providing additional storage in the underground car park.

  • Reduce bike store size, with alternative, more secure, per-dwelling option. 

  • Creates extra, sellable space from existing property footprint.

  • Doesn’t require planning permission.

  • Enforce a minimum construction standard and level of quality.

  • Ensure that all residents / car spaces have a storage unit regardless of any space constraints.

  • Engineered for strength and finished for durability.

  • Additional storage in each car space - instantly!



That’s an extra 90+ cubic feet of sellable storage

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  • Provides residents with a new, useful and secure storage space, directly next to their car.

  • Potential new source of income.

  • Consistent and attractive storage facility.

  • Reduces risks of goods stored loose in car park areas.

  • Replaces unsightly and unsecure storage cages.

  • A new building/service improvement.

  • Can be installed without permanent fixing to building surfaces.

  • The Car Park Storage team supports the stakeholder approval process.

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0207 167 4307

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